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How to Find & Identify the Spotted Lanternfly

Among Pennsylvania’s long list of pests and invasive species, one of the most recent is the Spotted Lanternfly. Indigenous to China, Vietnam, and India, the…

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5 Signs That Your Tree Needs to be Removed

In the midst of the fall season, many homeowners are turning their thoughts toward the trees in their yard that may need to go. As…

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3 Common Issues Affecting Red Maples & How to Deal With Them

One of the most beautiful things about the landscape here in Pennsylvania is the abundance of red maple trees. As the Keystone State’s most common…

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How to Spot 5 Common PA Tree Diseases

Pennsylvania is widely known for its incredible forests, and indeed many residents almost take the beautiful trees in their yards for granted. However, it is…

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Now Is the Time to Prune Your Flowering Trees!

Does your property have beautiful flowering trees? Late spring is the right time to prune them! Keep your trees brightly blooming with All the Above…

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