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Tree Trimming & Pruning Services to Keep Your Trees in Tip-Top Shape

At All The Above Tree Service, we pride ourselves on offering best-in-class tree trimming services to meet all of your needs. Tree trimming and pruning not only improves the overall health of your trees, but it ultimately improves the ecosystem of your property.

With years of experience, we are experts in tree trimming and tree pruning. Serving the Bucks County area, our primary areas of service include all of the communities below, as well as other nearby towns:

  • Bensalem
  • Churchville
  • Southampton
  • Morrisville
  • Newtown
  • Yardley
  • Washington Crossing
  • New Hope

The Benefits of Trimming and Pruning

Trimming and pruning your trees have many benefits, some less intuitive than others. Trimming trees and shrubs promotes plant health and maintains beauty, all while ensuring the safety of your property. On the other hand, improper pruning can weaken the branch structure, cause cuts to heal improperly, and encourage the growth of suckers that can divert energy from those areas of the tree that need it most.

Properly pruning trees and shrubs requires an understanding of tree species, knowledge of best practices for pruning vegetation specific to the region.

Types of Tree Trimming Services

The range of tree pruning services we offer meets the needs of any project, large or small. Depending on the size of the tree or shrub, the natural environment, and the level of trimming and pruning required, we will employ one of the following techniques:

  • Fine Pruning – The removal of small limbs to improve the appearance of your tree.
  • Standard Pruning – Involves heavy cutting to rebalance and enhance the tree’s branch structure.
  • Hazard Trimming – For trees with dangerous branches or weight imbalances that pose a safety concern to people, animals, or structures.
  • Crown Reduction Trimming – Performed when there are significant complications with the tree, either due to storm damage or branch tangling. A common rule of thumb: never remove more than a third of a tree’s crown unless absolutely necessary.

Why Choose All The Above Tree Service

The professionals at All The Above are tenured experts in tree pruning, having years of combined tree trimming and pruning experience between our technicians in the Bucks County area. We understand the crucial role your trees play in your home’s landscape, which is why we stress the importance of our esteemed tree trimming service. We have the skill and equipment to prune your trees and shrubs according to the very latest guidelines for appearance, health, and safety.

If you require tree trimming service with an uncompromised commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, choose All The Above. As the leading tree pruning service provider in Bucks County, All The Above Tree Service is the only call you need to make.

We are pleased to serve communities throughout Bucks County, including Bensalem, Churchville, Southampton, Morrisville, Newtown, Yardley, Washington Crossing, and New Hope.

For more information on our tree trimming services, or our other tree care specialties, such as our tree removal services and our emergency tree service, please give us a call at 215-596-4401 or fill out our online contact form.