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The Importance of Winter Tree Maintenance

The winter months often have people thinking about staying indoors, turning on their heater, or sitting in front of a cozy fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa. However, these colder months present an important time to keep your trees looking their best and address any lingering issues that may arise. Tree trimming and pruning may not be on your usual winter checklist, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it until the spring. 

Here are some reasons you need to hire an experienced tree service in Bucks County, PA

Greatly Improves Tree Health

Your yard’s trees help support the local ecosystem and form an integral part of your home’s exterior aesthetic. As most trees go dormant in the winter, you can get to pruning the branches without interfering with new growth in the spring or summer. 

Pruning your foliage in the winter also presents an important potential benefit for its ongoing health — it’s less likely to contract diseases. Insects, fungi, bacteria, and other pathogen spreaders aren’t as active in the cold, so you can take a more proactive approach to your maintenance routine without worrying about giving these pests a chance to affect your tree. 

Winter Maintenance Is Easier to Perform

Whether you do it yourself or hire a certified arborist to handle the tree maintenance, the winter season presents fewer logistical problems. By November, most of the trees will have shed their leaves, opening up clearer paths to any dead or broken branches that need to get cut down. Additionally, the colder weather makes the ground firmer, which allows you to use heavier machinery without as much fear of damaging the area surrounding the trees. 

Our certified arborists utilize various tools to perform winter tree maintenance that can handle the most involved jobs. With equipment like cranes, chainsaws, bucket trucks, and wood chippers at our disposal, we can get even the most troublesome tree well-maintained and ready to look its best once spring rolls around. 

Promotes Healthy Growth Down the Line

A tree with dead branches and other areas can greatly impact its growth during the spring when it becomes more active. These areas will impede the development of new healthy leaves, branches, and the like, affecting its overall health and the area around it. Your tree can focus on growing healthy leaves and shoots without trying to heal from dead or diseased areas. 

New buds and shoots will have clear paths toward growing unobstructed and sprouting down the line. Pruning done in the spring and summer could impact these new growths and eventually become a detriment. 

Keeps Your Home Safer

Proactively trimming your trees during the winter can help protect your property from accidents and potential storm damage. Dead and diseased branches often become more fragile and break off more easily than healthier ones. Pruning your trees during the winter months helps you identify potential problem areas and address them more quickly, ensuring your home is better protected from high winds from potentially causing untold damage to your property. 

Turn to All the Above Tree Service for Your Winter Tree Maintenance

When your property has multiple trees, taking a proactive approach to your winter maintenance routine can help ensure it’s ready to grow healthily in the spring. Our proven tree pruning services in Bucks County, PA, can help protect your home’s foliage, structure, and more throughout the winter. Contact our team to schedule your next appointment today!