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What Is an ISA-Certified Arborist, and Why Should I Work With One?

Taking care of your trees is an important part of taking care of your property. Whether you have one small tree or a veritable forest,…

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What Is Tree Topping, and Why Is It Harmful?

Scheduling pruning services are essential for proper tree care. It keeps your trees healthy and eliminates many safety risks, and it also controls the height…

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What’s Eating Your Trees? 5 Pests to Watch Out for This Fall

Many home and property owners sigh with relief when the fall season begins because it’s a time of cooler weather, beer festivals, football games, and…

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Keeping Your Property Safe: Why You Should Trust a Professional Tree Service with Storm Clean Up

A storm has just passed through your town, and your family spent the night hunkered down, waiting it out. You hear lots of thunder, strong…

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How Long Does It Take Emerald Ash Borers to Kill a Tree?

In 2002, a little green beetle was spotted in the United States. It was identified as the emerald ash borer, and it has wreaked havoc…

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