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Can My Trees Recover From Recent Storm Damage?

Whenever severe weather patterns roll through your neighborhood, you need to look out for plenty of potential dangers. Whether hurricane-force winds, flooding, lightning, or more, assessing the damage after a system hits the area becomes vital for your property. For homeowners with plenty of foliage, shrubs, and trees, knowing the difference between what’s salvageable and what should get removed becomes paramount. 

How Resilient Are Trees?

In most cases, trees can withstand much abuse from any weather patterns. It normally takes truly severe storms to uproot trees, shatter branches, and expose the core to potential new problems. With the Greater Bucks County area encountering more extreme weather conditions, knowing when you can save a tree or call in a certified arborist for assistance becomes vital. 

Survey the Damage

The best way to know if your trees can be saved is to perform a thorough visual inspection after ensuring no immediate dangers such as downed power lines or shifting earth. Once you can get near your trees, you can assess the damage and determine if it’s salvageable or if you need a professional storm damage removal service in Bucks County, PA

How Healthy Does the Tree Look?

When dealing with a damaged tree, knowing what to look for in its health becomes your highest priority. If you only have a few dead or minor limbs broken, then a certified arborist may be able to prune the tree enough to save it. However, if there appears to be significant damage to the trunk, you may face a more serious problem. 

Trunk Damage

If the trunk has sustained damage that affected the tree’s vascular tissue, it’s a serious concern. Residing underneath the bark, when this gets severed, the tree cannot move water and nutrients effectively through the system, leading to the tree slowly dying off. 

Are Any Major Limbs Broken?

Your trees are a large interconnected system of roots, branches, and limbs that work together to provide necessities for the surrounding environment. When a twig, branch, or bark falls off the tree, it can usually withstand the loss and seal off the wound. However, the larger the limb that suffers damage during a storm, the harder it becomes for the tree to successfully repair the damage. Understanding what kind of limb has fallen off the tree and how it may affect the larger system can help you determine if you should let the tree lie or if you need to consider more aggressive steps. 

How Desirable Is the Tree?

In some cases, the final decision of whether to get a tree intact or not comes down to one simple question — how much do you really want it? While some homeowners may have their ideal foliage set up, others may have ones that have become more trouble than they’re worth. If you have a problem tree that has suddenly suffered damage, you can potentially use this as a time to call in a certified professional arborist to take care of your lingering tree problem. 

Call in All the Above Tree Service for Your Tree Removal Needs

While in the immediate aftermath of a storm, you need to assess whether any of your property’s trees have sustained damage and if they’re salvageable. While sometimes you can often save a tree through pruning services in Bucks County, PA, sometimes you need to take a more direct approach. All the Above Tree Service has helped countless homeowners deal with damaged, dead, or unwanted trees and help keep their homes safe. 

If you have recently been through a major storm and have damaged trees that need to be removed, don’t wait! Contact our certified arborists today for your free quote!