Do Your Trees Need a Trim?

The trees on your property provide you with comfortable summer shade. They bring one-of-a-kind beauty to your lawn. They even create the oxygen we breathe. Your trees deserve tree care services near Yardley that will keep them strong for years to come.

Regular tree pruning not only improves your landscaping but also ensures the safety of your neighbors and promotes the health of your trees.

Ensure Safety

Dead branches easily fall during high winds or severe storms, taking out the power lines and home roofs in their path. When left attached to a living tree, a rotting branch can also attract wood-boring insects. These insects weaken the tree — eventually causing it to come crashing down. Tree pruning can remove these dead branches. Additionally, it can get rid of any low-hanging branches that are concealing nearby traffic signs or obstructing the walkways near your home.

Promote Plant Health

By clearing away dead branches, tree pruning provides space for new branches and leaves to grow. Diseased branches can be cut away to restore health, and increased airflow in the canopy will reduce leaf disease. With less insect infestation and illness, the tree then has the energy to grow stronger roots. Many fruit-bearing trees will show their newfound health with a bountiful harvest.

Maintain Beauty

A healthy tree, without dead or diseased branches, is a lovely addition to your yard. Pruning can influence how trees grow, as well, which can lead to multiple trimmed trees with a similar, manicured shape.

When to Prune

Pruning, though ultimately beneficial when done well, does temporarily damage your tree. When a tree is dormant, usually during late fall or early winter, wounds heal faster, and plant disease is less likely. Sap flows more slowly, too, which means fewer insects will arrive to cause further damage to the tree.

The decision of when to prune does vary by the type of tree, however. Winter may be the ideal time for most non-blooming and summer-blooming trees, but spring-blooming trees and shrubs should be trimmed later in the year, immediately after they bloom.

You Can Trust Our Arborists

Skilled tree pruning has many proven benefits. Improper pruning, in contrast, can weaken the branch structure, cause cuts to heal improperly, and encourage the growth of suckers that can divert energy from those areas of the tree that need it most. That is why many property owners choose an expert when it’s time to trim their trees.

The experienced tree-trimming specialists at All The Above Tree Service in Bensalem, PA have the skill and the equipment to prune your trees and shrubs according to the latest guidelines for appearance, health, and safety. Our arborists are experts in tree care, with an understanding of tree species, knowledge of best practices for pruning, and commitment to ongoing education.

Not Sure If Your Tree Needs a Trim?

The experts at All The Above Tree Service understand the important role your trees play in your home’s landscape. We provide tree pruning, root removal, and tree removal service near Churchville, PA, based on your landscape’s needs. If you want to learn about what tree care options are best for you, visit our website or call us today at 215-645-1379.

Reasons for Tree Death

This winter, the northeastern parts of the United States will likely continue to see grueling weather conditions which will prove deadly for plants and trees. However, unlike most flora, trees are made to endure the winter and cold. So why would they die?

As the experts in tree care services in Yardley and throughout Lower Bucks County, we explain why the cold months can be an issue for trees, as well as outline other largely unknown reasons for tree death.


During the cold months, snow and rain can easily turn into ice. De-icing salt is used to prevent the ground from freezing over. Though this is intended to keep people safe from slipping and falling on ice, it is very harmful to other living organisms, including trees. The damage occurs when the roots of the tree soak in large quantities of chloride and sodium from the de-icing salt. The salt can also affect the structure of the soil and its ability to drain excess water.

Excess Water

The saying “too much of something can be a bad thing,” is also true with over-watering trees. Many are aware of the effects of not watering their plants enough, but the opposite can have the same harmful effects. When a tree receives an excess of water, this can lead to diminished shoot growth and defoliation, which strip trees of their leaves, causing them to die more quickly.

Other Reasons for A Dying Tree

Trees are susceptible to a number of problems. These include everything from being grown on poor sites, meaning the environment in which they are grown on is not suitable for a specific species of tree. A poor tree site is mainly one that consists of poor soil quality. Another common problem is insects. Insects are harmful to trees because they can spread fungal diseases from tree to tree. There are also several common virulent diseases such as Phytophthora Root, Crown Rot, Oak Wilt or the Chestnut Blight, which can invade through the structure of the tree and cause defoliation. Preventing the death of a tree is desirable, but sometimes it’s inevitable, and we have to let nature take its course.

If your tree is diseased or dying, All the Above Tree Service can provide tree removal services in Churchville and other areas in the Lower Bucks County area. Call us today at 215-645-1379 to learn more.

All The Above Tree Service Helps Prevent Winter Nightmares

Winters in the Northeast can be brutal: snow, freezing rain, ice, wind – the list goes on. And it’s not just shoveling that you need to worry about. Is there a tree on your property that collects snow and ice that has become unstable? Do you lose sleep worrying about that next gust of wind taking down the old tree in your yard and it falling onto your house? Here at All The Above Tree Service, the honest, professional, and affordable tree service company in Bensalem, we offer a variety of services to put you at ease during the long, hard, cold winter.


Did you know property damage from falling trees and branches adds up to approximately 1 billion dollars each year, according to the National Center for Environmental Information? That’s a lot of money better spent if you prepare and care for your trees for winter using the following tips, courtesy of All The Above Tree Service – the leading company providing tree removal service in Yardley and surrounding communities in the Greater Philadelphia area.


  • Trim & Prune: Trimming and pruning trees – removing dead or dying branches – are vital to trees’ overall health, and can help trees thrive during the cold winter months. Improper trimming and pruning can damage trees.
  • Inspect Smartly: You might think it’s smart to shake snow and ice off trees to free weight from their branches, but you should only do so if the snow is fluffy and light. Forcing heavy snow and ice off trees can cause damage and result in broken branches.
  • Mulch: Putting down a thin layer of mulch in the fall and spring protects trees’ soil and roots and promotes overall health. However, too much mulch can suffocate trees and create a favorable environment for rodents.


And for business owners concerned about keeping operations running smoothly throughout the winter season, the trusted team at All The Above Tree Service can deliver commercial snow removal to areas all across Southeastern Pennsylvania. Don’t let a heavy snowfall stand in the way of the workday that, if lost, could set you back an irreparable amount of time and money. Our team of snow removal specialists will clear all driveways, parking lots, and pathways to handle commuting employees and arriving guests or clients so you don’t miss a beat and move forward with a productive day at the office.
For more information about tree removal, snow removal, or other services, visit or contact the company at 215-645-1379.

All The Above Tree Service Helps Home and Business Owners Prepare for Winter

They’re beautiful – those crimson and gold leaves on the trees in your backyard. But when they fall to the ground, they’re your worst nightmare. Are you tired of the backbreaking work it takes to prepare your yard for winter? Or perhaps there’s a tree in your yard that’s creating too much shade and killing your lawn. Whatever the case may be, All The Above Tree Service – your go-to tree removal company in Bensalem – can make your life so much easier during the fall with its honest, professional, and affordable tree care services.

Our highly-experienced team at All The Above Tree Service is second-to-none when it comes to tree care services in Langhorne and surrounding communities in Lower Bucks County. Whether you have a dead tree, unhealthy tree, or damaged tree, our highly-skilled arborists can handle any job thrown our way as we’ve done for three generations – it’s our passion. We have the tools and the skills required to remove any tree safely and efficiently, and we specialize in the handling and removal of hazardous trees and environments. Our detailed-oriented approach will leave you loving the way your transformed yard looks. We’re available to assist seven days per week and offer services around the clock in the event of an emergency for additional jobs such as planting, trimming, pruning, land cleanup, and land clearing.

And for business owners, with winter approaching, you know a snowy season is likely on tap for southeastern Pennsylvania. To keep business running as usual, you need a reliable snow removal company, and All The Above Tree Service is just that. Our trusted team can provide commercial snow removal to the Bensalem area, ensuring that despite a heavy snowfall, the workday will commence. Our team of snow removal specialists will clear all driveways, parking lots, and pathways to handle commuting employees and arriving guests or clients. You can look forward to a productive day of work at a snowy office with All The Above Tree Service.

Need help preparing your home or business for the impending winter season? Give us a call today to schedule a free estimate for any of our services.

All The Above Tree Service Provides Honest, Professional, Affordable Service

Do you have a tree in your yard that is diseased or has recently died? Or perhaps you want to build an addition on your house, but there is a tree in the way? When a tree is in the way or presenting a safety hazard, sometimes tree removal is the only viable solution to a major problem.

All The Above Tree Service can help with all your tree care concerns. Our team of experienced arborists is available to assist you, as we’ve done proudly for three generations – it’s a passion for us. We specialize in hazardous trees, are available to assist seven days per week, and offer emergency services around the clock. We offer a wide range of options to keep your property safe and looking great, including:

General tree services: We’re highly experienced in all phases of tree care, so you can rely on us for great results with planting, trimming, and removal.

Land clearing: If you are constructing a new building, or you’ve been hired to construct a playground or another recreational area, you’ll need an open piece of land in order to begin your work. Whether you’re a local builder or contractor, we can clear the land for your new construction project.

Tree removal: We have the equipment and skill to remove any tree safely and efficiently, and our commitment to your satisfaction means you can expect the very highest levels of quality and service. We’ll help you to determine whether a tree absolutely needs to be removed. If it does, our team of well-qualified tree removal specialists will handle the problem promptly and effectively.

Storm cleanup: Getting your life back in order after a devastating storm takes time. From property repairs to storm debris cleanup, the process can be frustrating, physically taxing, and time-consuming. But we can help. Our team has the experience and training to handle all kinds of storm cleanup, and our commitment to your total satisfaction means you can expect impressive results. We pledge to work tirelessly until the job is done right, no matter how extensive the cleanup.

All The Above Tree Service is accredited with the Better Business Bureau for your confidence and peace of mind, and you can be assured we’ll get the work done right the first time. We care about the environment, provide honest service, and offer exceptional quality and great value.

To learn more or to schedule an estimate, give us a call today at 215-645-1379.