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How Long Does It Take Emerald Ash Borers to Kill a Tree?

In 2002, a little green beetle was spotted in the United States. It was identified as the emerald ash borer, and it has wreaked havoc…

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Why You Should Remove Trees Planted Too Close to Your Home

Your home is an escape from the hectic world in which we live. It is a place of serenity and relaxation and provides the shelter…

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Oak Wilt: Threatening America’s Majestic Oak Trees

Not since the great American chestnut tree was nearly driven to extinction in the early twentieth century has a disease become such a prevalent threat…

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How Do I Decide When to Remove a Tree on My Property?

It can be challenging to make the decision to have a tree removed, especially if you have an emotional attachment and especially if you aren’t…

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Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome: What You Need to Know

You’re relaxing outdoors on a hot summer day. Suddenly, with no warning, there’s a loud cracking noise, and a branch from your seemingly healthy tree…

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