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Keeping Your Property Safe: Why You Should Trust a Professional Tree Service with Storm Clean Up

A storm has just passed through your town, and your family spent the night hunkered down, waiting it out. You hear lots of thunder, strong winds, and other loud crashes that shake the earth. 

In the morning, you go out into your yard to inspect the damage. You find that your lawn is full of debris and fallen trees. Now, you have to decide: do you take the time to clean up the storm damage yourself, or do you trust a professional tree service company to clear away the debris and remove the fallen trees?

When trees damage your home and land during a storm, it’s best to call a Bucks County storm damage cleanup company to handle the debris and tree removal. Here are four reasons why.


After a storm, it may seem simple enough to go out into your yard and start picking up the fallen tree branches, leaves, and garbage blown in from somewhere else. But there may be hazards that you are not trained to see, such as a damaged branch on a standing tree that may snap in the future and cause damage to your home, car, or landscape. Plus, it could be dangerous for you to attempt removing a tree that has fallen or started to rip up its roots from the ground since you may not have the training or the tools to handle this process correctly.

Land clearing contractors can safely clean up your property after a storm because they have the tools, equipment, and knowledge to remove the debris without hurting themselves, your family, or your property.


One of the best parts of hiring a professional storm cleanup company is that you are free to go about your business as usual. You don’t have to spend your time clearing your yard of debris because a storm cleanup crew will do it for you. You’ll be able to run your errands, go to work, and drive your kids to their after-school activities — all while the damage down by the storm is being taken care of.


Cleaning up storm damage by yourself can take hours and even days because you have to gather up and dispose of all the debris, work on trimming and pruning trees and plants, and repair damage done to your fence, deck, and other parts of your yard. 

Hiring licensed and insured professionals who offer storm cleanup services can save you time. They are trained and experienced in quickly clearing away storm damage so you can have a beautiful property once again. 

Damage Prevention

A messy yard is only one consequence of a bad storm sweeping through town. Even if trees on your property do not fall to the ground, there could be unseen damage done to their branches. When this damage goes unchecked, these limbs invite pests and plant diseases that affect the rest of the tree. Eventually, the tree can become an eyesore and may even drop branches or fall entirely, causing further damage.

Certified arborists can inspect the trees on your property after a storm to detect any issues. They’ll know which trees can be saved and how to save them. They can even suggest other trees as replacements for the damaged ones.

Choose a Professional Storm Cleanup Company

You don’t have to let storm damage affect your day or your weekend. Trust a professional tree service company to do the storm cleanup for you. 

When you need quality local tree removal services, contact All The Above Tree Service. We offer emergency tree services, land clearing services, tree advisory services, and tree trimming and pruning services. Reach out to us today to discuss your landscape’s storm damage.