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5 Common Misconceptions About Tree Trimming & Pruning

As a homeowner, you want to do everything you possibly can to maintain the beauty of your property. In your quest to learn more about the difference between pruning and trimming and their importance to the health of your trees, you’ve likely run into some conflicting or false information about tree care. How are you supposed to know what to believe? Well, you’ve come to the right place for answers! Our certified arborists debunk the most common myths about tree trimming and pruning.

Trees Don’t Really Need Trimming or Pruning

Whether you heard it online or from a well-meaning friend trying to help you save money, it’s false to say your trees will grow perfectly fine without pruning. Trees need occasional pruning and trimming to remain healthy. Proper pruning techniques will remove diseased or damaged branches so that the rest of the tree will not be affected. In this way, your tree will be able to grow fully and beautifully.

Trimming and Pruning Should Not Be Done in the Summer

While it’s recommended that trees be trimmed while they are dormant, you can still prune them during the summer months. In fact, pruning dead leaves and diseased branches can protect your tree’s overall health and appearance. When you prune your tree during the summer, you ensure all the nutrients and water go directly to the thriving parts of your tree.

Fruit and Shade Trees Can Be Pruned the Same Way

Many homeowners believe any species of tree is just a tree, so it can be pruned in any way. However, this isn’t true. Fruit trees must be trimmed more frequently to encourage the wood’s growth and fruit production. Shade trees, on the other hand, can be pruned much less often since their primary purpose is to provide coverage.

Your Trees Will Die If You Trim Them at the Wrong Time

This tree trimming myth has likely arisen because pruning your trees at the wrong time can cause them injury. However, it’s rare to cause irreparable damage to your tree from trimming or pruning. If you’re worried about hurting your trees, consult a tree care professional to understand the best time to prune your trees.

Over-Pruning Trees Is Common

If you’re inexperienced, it is easy to over-prune a tree. However, a qualified tree care expert should never be at fault for over-pruning your trees. To ensure your home’s trees are trimmed and pruned correctly, hire only certified arborists. Professionals like ours have been through extensive training to guarantee they never damage your plants.

Protect Your Trees by Trimming and Pruning Them the Correct Way

At All The Above Tree Service, our professionals are all certified arborists, so you can rest assured we’ll use the proper pruning and trimming techniques to encourage the growth of your trees. If you’re interested in learning more about our tree pruning services in Bucks County, PA, get in touch with our specialists today! We also offer local tree removal services if you have a bothersome tree you would like to get rid of.