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What’s the Difference Between Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning?

If you’re a homeowner with a yard, there’s a good chance you’ve considered tree trimming or tree pruning before. While both may initially paint a similar picture in your head, there are subtle differences. Tree trimming promotes healthy growth, while tree pruning is used to remove unnecessary branches. Professional tree trimming and pruning services should be performed at different times out of the year, utilizing differing equipment, to provide a healthier, more aesthetically-pleasing landscape. Today, we’ll explore the differences between tree trimming and tree pruning:

What Is Tree Trimming?

Tree trimming helps trees, shrubs, and hedges look their best. Usually, business managers or commercial property owners trim trees and foliage to make their property more attractive to prospective clients. Aside from promoting a clean look, trimming alleviates excessively dense bushes that may block sunlight and moisture from reaching a landscape.

What Is Tree Pruning?

When it comes to trees and shrubs, pruning is often associated with removing extraneous branches and sometimes even roots — some of which may be dead and necessitate being cut away from. In some instances, tree branches grow in an undesirable direction or pose a safety hazard, such as extending toward utility wires or structures. Tree pruning, in this regard, helps keep unwanted growth at bay.

When Should I Trim or Prune My Trees and Shrubs?

The timing and frequency of trimming and pruning differ according to season in addition to plant and tree species. 

Trimming is recommended twice a year for aesthetic upkeep, falling at least once just after the flowering season. To promote the health of smaller shrubs, trim before they reach one foot in height.

Most trees and shrubs require annual pruning, although the exact timing depends on your desired result. We advise pruning dormant trees during winter to promote springtime growth and cutting branches in the summer to “dwarf” development. If your goal is to boost flowering capacity, prune immediately after a tree or shrub’s blooming cycle.For more information about our tree care services, including tree removal, reach out to our team today. We are an accredited member of the BBB, with a rating of A+.