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4 Proactive Steps for Avoiding Future Storm Damage Around Your Home

Storm season is approaching, which means it’s time to start preparing your home to withstand the hazards that follow. One of the places that needs your attention is your landscaping — your trees and shrubs in particular. Improperly cared for trees and plants can cause severe damage and physical harm during seasonal storms. Having a certified arborist, like those at All The Above Tree Service, look after your trees during the spring season and the early summer months can help you avoid future tree and home damage.

Protect your Pennsylvania property this storm season with these four proactive steps:

Care for Your Trees and Plants Properly

A good majority of the damage caused by falling trees and flying shrubbery during a storm could have been avoided if the plants had been properly cared for from the beginning. If you decide to plant new trees before the storm season, make sure they are planted at the correct depth — roots at the soil surface. Trees planted too deeply can break at the stem-girdled point during high winds.

Even if you do not have any newly planted trees, it’s never too late to start tending to your plants. When using the lawn mower or weed trimmer, be careful not to wack or bang into the tree trunk. These pieces of equipment can easily wound a tree, resulting in decay that leaves it vulnerable to storm damage.

The time leading up to storm season is the perfect time to use proper watering and fertilization techniques. You do not want to over-fertilize or underwater a tree because a healthy tree is able to adapt more quickly to changes in the environment and can withstand strong winds. You will also want to treat pest problems at this time so that the tree has a chance to recover.

Trim Your Trees

Unhealthy or weak trees can damage your home, vehicles, and neighbor’s property. Trimming the trees on your property regularly will prevent them from causing damage during a storm. A certified arborist will know how to trim your tree accurately and safely — whether it’s large or small — so that you will not have to worry about falling branches crashing through your window or roof.

Assess the Health of Your Trees

While some signs of an unhealthy tree are obvious, others are harder to recognize without the proper training. Because a dying tree can appear healthy, it’s important to have your trees inspected by an ISA-certified arborist before the storm season begins.

Your tree care specialist will be able to spot a stressed tree before it becomes a problem during a tornado, hurricane, or thunderstorm. They will look for such things as insect damage, bacteria growth, insufficient soil volume, and poor root growth. As soon as they diagnose the particular tree ailment, they can begin to treat it to reduce the impact it will have during a storm.

Be Wary of Tree Placement

Before the storm season sets in, take a moment to walk around your property, observing where your trees are planted in relation to any power lines and your home. If you have trees with branches hanging over power lines, you need to immediately get in touch with a tree expert. Problems with these trees during a storm can cause power outages or even start a fire.

Trees leaning towards your house or stretching branches over your roof are a threat to your family’s safety. There are several reasons to have trees planted too close to your home removed, but one of the most crucial reasons is to avoid needing emergency tree service after a storm. Having a certified specialist trim or remove the problem tree protects your home and family from a potentially fatal accident.

Prepare Your Trees for the Upcoming Storm Season Today

Don’t wait until the first sign of trouble to reach out to a tree specialist. Instead, be proactive and start caring for your trees now. The certified arborists at All The Above Tree Service are ready to help you get your trees healthy before the first storm of the season rolls in.

From tree pruning to tree treatment, we have the services to maintain the health and beauty of your trees and shrubs. If a storm catches you by surprise, don’t panic! Get in touch with our specialists, and we’ll help you manage the storm damage in Bucks County, PA. Contact our friendly team today for any tree maintenance services you need!