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Why Should I Consult an ISA Arborist Before Tree Removal?

Homeowners want to do everything they can to have their yards looking their absolute best. Keeping your yard looking as healthy as possible can mean anything from bringing in an experienced tree trimming service, mowing your lawn regularly, or even potentially removing trees from your property.

However, before you start hiring anyone to remove any unwanted trees from your yard, you should consider having an ISA-certified arborist look at your tree. With the wealth of factors that affect tree work and service, finding an arborist in your area to inspect your trees before the project can help you save time, money, and possibly even your trees. 

Saving Your Trees

If your tree looks diseased and dying doesn’t mean that it can’t be saved. An experienced tree care service — like All The Above Tree Service — has a team of ISA-certified arborists who have made it their mission to diagnose and save as many trees as possible. We can come out to examine your afflicted tree and develop a treatment plan. 

Identifying Infestations 

While many homeowners can tell what a dying tree looks like from a glance, understanding the root cause of the damage is a different conversation. Trees can suffer from various insect and pest infestations that are the root cause of their degrading aesthetic. Invasive insect species like bark beetles, carpenter ants, and spotted lanternflies can infest your trees. 

A certified ISA arborist can identify these infestations and develop a specialized treatment plan to address the insects. Every tree is different and needs a specific treatment to fix the ongoing issue. 

Check for Root Damage

Insect and pest infestations may be a common cause of your tree’s problems, but it’s not the clear sign you can spot. While most tree roots run deep beneath the surface, the roots that make it above ground can still provide vital clues to the overall health of your tree. The exposed roots can show distinct signs that poor soil conditions or exposure to extreme conditions can negatively affect your tree’s health. An ISA-certified arborist can help save the tree before resorting to removal. 

How Can I Tell If My Tree Is Dead or Only Mostly Dead? 

The line between where it’s salvageable and needs to be removed from your property is a fine line for most trees. With an arborist’s help, you can still find ways to save the tree, but you need to know whether or not you’re past the point of no return. Before bringing a member of our team out to your property, you can perform the scratch test to get a better idea of what your tree may potentially need. 

The scratch test involves taking a pocket knife, removing a small piece of the exterior of the bark, and inspecting the cambium layer underneath. If the tree still has some degree of life, it will be green. In dying trees, the cambium layer looks dry and brown. Our ISA-certified arborists can then do a more thorough evaluation and determine what the most prudent course of action is moving forward. 

Trust All The Above Tree Service With Your Sick Trees!

Having a sick and dying tree on your property doesn’t necessarily mean you have to completely remove it from your property. An ISA-certified arborist can help diagnose your tree, figure out what’s ailing it, and develop a treatment plan to save it. All The Above Tree Service has a proven track record of saving and protecting trees from the elements, diseases, and infestations. 

If you’re in the market for an expert trimming and pruning service, we’re happy to help! We have experience with tall and small trees, stump removal, and more! Contact our team for a free quote and schedule your first appointment today!