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When Is the Right Time to Trim Your Oak Tree?

Do you know the species of each and every tree in your yard, or are you a total tree novice? No matter what level of familiarity you have with your property’s flora, it’s essential to practice good tree care. That means contacting ISA-certified arborists when it’s time to prune your trees. 

So when’s the best time for trimming your trees? If you have any oak trees on your property or suspect some of your leafy friends might be oaks, you’re in the right place! Read on to learn all about the right time to trim your oak trees, as well as why tree pruning is so important.

When To Trim Oak Trees

If you came here to find the best time of year to prune oak trees, we’ll lay it out simply for you: 

The best time of year to trim oak trees is between the beginning of November and the end of March. This is a large period to work with, so you have plenty of time. As the snow melts, you might be getting panicky that you didn’t contact tree services in late fall or midwinter, but don’t worry — early spring (end of February and early March) is a perfect time to trim oak trees. Just don’t let the end of March pass by without booking tree trimming services.

Now that you know the best time of year to trim oak trees, you might be wondering when is the WRONG time of year to prune your trees. The answer is that ISA-certified tree surgeons recommend refraining from trimming oak trees between April and July. This is because oak wilt is most active during these months. Oak wilt is a fungal disease that specifically affects oak trees. The disease spreads from tree to tree, causing bark degradation, leaf death, and softening trunk wood.

Why Pruning Oak Trees Matters

So why is trimming your trees so important? The reason we’re letting you know the best time of year to prune oak trees is because trimming your trees provides a variety of benefits, and not just for the trees. Here’s why you should prune your oaks regularly:

Pruning can reduce the risk of disease

As mentioned before, live oaks are vulnerable to oak wilt. If the disease progresses far enough, oak wilt can kill a mature tree in a matter of months or even weeks. Pruning is essential to remove diseased parts of an oak tree and prevent the oak wilt from spreading to other oaks in your yard. Pruning also helps prevent the spread of other tree diseases such as verticillium wilt.

Pruning keeps your property safer

Ever had tree branches scatter onto your lawn during a storm, or worse, a tree trunk topple onto your home, caving in your roof? Pruning oak trees is crucial to preventing dead branches from wreaking havoc on your property during the next wind, rain, or snowstorm.

Pruning ensures healthy trees

As part of the process during a standard prune, cuts are made that allow the tree to grow larger without competing with nearby foliage — or itself, in some cases. 

Pruning prevents future damage

Interested in helping your oak trees live longer? Pruning is absolutely essential if you want to give your oak trees (or any trees) a chance to live their longest and healthiest lives. During pruning, ISA-certified arborists will ensure damage is taken care of, and any diseases are under control. Think of it as “preventative maintenance” for your trees.

When you want the best for your trees, there’s one name you should trust “above all” the others: All The Above Tree Service. Our professional, reliable, and experienced team will take care of everything from tree pruning to disease prevention to total tree removal. Whatever your trees need, we’ll be here to help out. Contact us today!