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How We Can Help With Your Summer Checklist

Summertime is known for fun in the sun: barbecues, parties, and other events. In addition to fun activities, summer is also a time for essential maintenance on your property. High heat and other extremes can be damaging for your trees, but with the right care, they’ll be looking lush and beautiful all season long. With the help of a qualified professional, you can ensure your trees and property look terrific, all while giving you the time you need to enjoy your summer. These are some essential maintenance tasks that the pros at All The Above Tree Service can help you with this season:

Tree Removal 

There’s no denying that summer is a popular time for outdoor entertaining — as the weather warms, the days get longer, and COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease, residents throughout Newtown and the surrounding regions will be hosting backyard barbecues and pool parties for their friends and family. Of course, everyone wants their house to look its best when guests are coming around, and having unsightly dead trees on your property can take up valuable space and create an unfortunate eyesore. Removing dead trees in your yard can improve property value and set you up for a fun summer, full of outdoor entertaining. At All The Above Tree Service, we have years of experience removing dead trees quickly and safely. 

Hardscaping Services 

Having your stone patio ready for summer can give you and your family a place to enjoy the weather without worrying about mud, bugs, and other nuisances associated with hanging out on a lawn. After facing the harsh elements of winter, hardscaping can be in need of cleaning and resealing in order to look its best. Here at All The Above Tree Service, we have experience working on hardscaping projects of all shapes, sizes, and from a variety of materials. We have the skills and expertise to get your outdoor deck, patio walkway, or pergola looking great just in time for barbecue season. 

Land Clearing 

After the winter, it isn’t uncommon for lots and properties in and around the Yardley area to be littered with debris accumulated during the months of disuse and harsh weather. This can make a lot of unsightly and create serious safety hazards. If you have a large property that’s been dotted with dead branches, leaves, stumps, and other brush; it can be a tedious and time-consuming challenge to clear it out by yourself — that’s why you should rely on our professional land clearing services. Many people with jobs and families simply don’t have the time or energy to haul branches during the day, that’s where All the Above Tree Service comes in. We have the equipment and expertise to safely and affordably remove heavy branches and other pesky debris from your property. 

At All The Above Tree Service, we have years of experience beautifying entire properties to get them ready for the summer. We can get yours in shape and leave you more time to enjoy the season with your friends and family, adding curb appeal and value to your home in the process. For more information about our spring and summer maintenance services, contact our team today!