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Tree and Landscaping Services During Late Hurricane Season

Although we are approaching the tail-end of hurricane season, the risk of your trees and landscape becoming damaged and unsafe is just one bad storm away. As one of the best tree removal services in Morrisville and surrounding areas, All The Above Tree Service knows that some clean-up jobs are just too big to handle on your own after a catastrophe. Check out this video for a few ways All The Above Tree Service can help with damage control even before inclement weather hits, then keep reading to learn even more about our services.

Tree Pruning

Our pruning services aren’t only for aesthetic purposes. By having our experts come out and take a look, we can determine proper branch and limb treatment that will reinforce the structural integrity of your trees, allowing them to withstand heavy winds, rain, and lightning. We can also assess if your trees have weight imbalances that are susceptible to collapsing onto your property.

Tree Removal

While thunderstorms can be plenty dangerous in their own right, the added presence of damaged trees poses another risk. Lightning can do some severe damage to trees in general; it may even cause trunks to explode. Having dead or diseased trees on your property increases the chance of injury or yard clean-up. Have our professionals take a look at your property for accurate tree assessment.

Storm Debris Removal Services

While we have land clearing equipment that is great for construction prep or too much vegetation, our storm clean-up services can help with branches and heavy limbs that have cracked off your trees and fallen all over your yard. Perhaps you have a mess that’s too large or heavy for you and your family to clean up. Maybe you don’t have any time to spare. Whatever the case is, All The Above Tree Service is equipped with the proper machinery and expertise to get the job done effectively and efficiently. 

Contact All The Above Tree Service

If you need emergency tree removal, stump grinding, trimming services, or professional hardscaping services in Newtown, contact All The Above Tree Service today. We can have a crew of our tree professionals takes care of your trees, before and after the storm.