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How to Protect Your Hardscaping This Winter

As the best hardscaping service in Richboro, All The Above Tree Service understands that proper maintenance can make or break your outdoor structures – literally! As you adjust to shorter days and eventual snowfall, don’t forget about your hardscaping! Harsh winter weather can take a heavy toll on your walkways and outdoor patio, which is why All The Above Tree Service is here to share some preparation and preservation tips that will help protect your investment throughout the cold months. Take a look at this infographic for some helpful tips, then continue reading for a more in-depth look into how All The Above Tree Service can help you this fall and winter.

 1. Clear Surfaces for Snowfall

Be sure to routinely clean and maintain your outdoor surfaces throughout the fall. When it eventually snows, dirt and debris trapped underneath can stain and dull your pavers. Removing snow should happen as soon as possible. The water runoff that seeps into the stone pores can cause damage by refreezing and thawing.

2. Shovel Gently

Use plastic or rubber-edged shovels to avoid chipping or marring your hardscape surface.

3. Be Wary of De-Icers

The chemicals found in salts and ice melts can damage your pavers. Make sure to consult with a local hardscape professional at All The Above Tree Service on which products are safe to use.

4. Seal Existing Cracks

The cold of winter will cause any existing cracks to increase in size. Protect your patio or walkway from the vicious cycles of freeze and thaw by sealing them up.

5. Divert Water Runoff

Make sure water won’t get trapped as the first snow begins to melt. Not only can water runoff become a dangerous hazard once it refreezes, but it can also damage your pavers.

All The Above Tree Service

While cold weather means you may be spending more time indoors, proper care for your landscaping and hardscaping shouldn’t be on the backburner. Maintaining your outside structures during the fall and winter is cost-effective and can prevent more significant issues come springtime when you actually want to get outside and enjoy them! For more information regarding our hardscaping or tree removal service in Newtown, contact All The Above Tree Service today.