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Tree Care Tips for a Heat Wave

Heatwaves can wreak havoc with the trees in our yards. As the leading provider of root removal services in Holland and the surrounding areas, we want to give our customers tips on how to look after their trees during periods of intense heat. By following the tips below, homeowners can protect their trees in the event of a heatwave.

Prioritize Young Trees

Homeowners should prioritize taking care of new trees. These trees are less capable of withstanding extreme heat levels. More mature trees will require less extra watering because of their well-established root systems.

Water Generously

The most efficient way to help trees survive during a heatwave is by watering them more frequently and with more water. The roots of your trees need sufficient H2O and air to survive within their environment.

Heatwaves can cause the soil to dry out, reducing the water content and increasing the temperature of the earth underneath. By watering the ground, you can minimize the effects of heat and help maintain the tree’s health. We recommend watering early in the morning or late in the evening. Either way, the best time to water your trees and plants is when the sun isn’t out in full force.

Properly Tend to the Surrounding Spaces

Ensure that the spaces around the tree’s roots are not cluttered with litter. Garbage such as oil, detergent, and other detritus can damage the health of your tree. Keep an eye on the area and maintain its cleanliness for the sake of your trees.

Remove Weeds

As well as being unsightly, weeds steal a lot of the critical water and nutrients in your soil. During heat waves, this is an even bigger problem as water and nutrients are often scarce. To make it easier for trees, pull out as many weeds as possible.

Prune Only When Needed

Pruning should be the very last option for trees that are suffering. If a tree is diseased, damaged, or dying, pruning can sometimes beneficial for the overall health of the tree. However, pruning a tree that does not need trimming can actually worsen its condition during a heatwave. Only a tree that is severely deteriorated should be pruned in this situation. You should consult with one of our tree specialists if you have a diseased or dying tree on your property. 

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