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Springtime Tree Care Tips from the Pros

As the leading provider of tree removal services in Southampton and the surrounding areas, our team of professional tree care specialists is glad to share our expert knowledge. Spring weather provides an excellent window in which to maintain trees and prepare them for the hot summer months. It’s a great time to cut back trees and hedges, trim lawns, and enjoy your outdoor space with friends and family.

Check Trees to Evaluate Their Overall Health

Start by looking for areas of dead wood, any frostbite, or different colored lesions that have appeared on the leaves of your trees. Next, prune away any dead, damaged, or diseases ridden limbs. Clear away any dead wood from your lawn and garden area. After this process is completed, consider calling in one of our experts to check the structural integrity of your trees. Winter weather followed by spring showers can leave cause dangerous conditions that may be invisible to the untrained eye.

Ensure that Trees have Enough Water for the Growing Season

Try and check the soil moisture weekly up to six inches below the surface; the soil should be moist but not wet. Next, check over your current irrigation system for any damage, clogged spray heads or blocked drippers. Any damaged sprinkler heads can easily be replaced with a trip to your local hardware store. Remember that as trees grow, they need approximately ten gallons for each inch of trunk diameter.

Keep an Eye Out for Pests

Springtime is a time of increased activity for insects that can spread diseases via infestations across your trees, bushes, and plants. Check your trees and shrubs regularly for signs of pest activity and call in professionals if you notice a potentially damaging problem. Check out our blogs on local tree pests for more information.

Remove Weeds and Debris From the Base Areas of Your Trees

Weeds compete with trees for water and essential nutrients, so make sure to dig up any that are present while the ground is soft after a spring rainfall. Remove any competing plants such as ivy; these plants can hide decay and can trap moisture producing the perfect environment for fungus to grow. Additionally, garbage can collect beneath ivy and create ideal locations for mice to breed. Lay some mulch around tree trunks to help deter ivy and other plants from returning.

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