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Winter Tree Service Tips


Do you feel that? The cold, bitter temperatures that greet you every morning as you step out the house? The forecast of freezing temperatures, biting wind, and predictions for snow? These are just some of the signs that winter is officially here in Bucks County.


Just like the way winter months can take a toll on our bodies, wintertime is also a tough season on trees. From snow, to ice and high winds, all these factors can lead to serious damage including split tree trunks, broken limbs, or even a complete tree failure. Damage to a tree on your property could have unwanted residual effects if left untreated. Here’s how you can protect the safety and health of your trees, and your property, in the winter months.


Spread Mulch

One of the best ways to protect trees that have larger roots is to spread a layer of mulch around their base. Also, you’ll want to extend the mulch about 2 or more feet from the tree in all directions. This creates a circular, or donut-like distribution around the tree and will prevent against trunk rot.


Prune Dead Branches

Pruning is an essential part of regular tree care services, and winter is a great time to tend to dead branches. When the trees on your property are dormant, take some time on a nicer day to remove dead limb and branches, allowing new growth to occur.


Protect Trees From Freeze

Depending on the type and age of the tree, you’ll need to be prepared to provide protection to ones that are vulnerable, especially when the temperature drops below freezing. In fact, certain tropical trees cannot tolerate temperatures below 32 degrees without proper protection.


Continue To Water When There Is No Rain

Since there typically is not much rain during the winter months, you should still continue to keep your tree watered. Young trees in particular should be watered every other week.


If you need a hand with any of these winter tree service tips, All the Above Tree Service can provide tree care services in Southampton and other areas across Lower Bucks County. Call our tree removal service near Southampton today at 215-645-1379 to learn more!