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Reasons for Tree Death

This winter, the northeastern parts of the United States will likely continue to see grueling weather conditions which will prove deadly for plants and trees. However, unlike most flora, trees are made to endure the winter and cold. So why would they die?

As the experts in tree care services in Yardley and throughout Lower Bucks County, we explain why the cold months can be an issue for trees, as well as outline other largely unknown reasons for tree death.


During the cold months, snow and rain can easily turn into ice. De-icing salt is used to prevent the ground from freezing over. Though this is intended to keep people safe from slipping and falling on ice, it is very harmful to other living organisms, including trees. The damage occurs when the roots of the tree soak in large quantities of chloride and sodium from the de-icing salt. The salt can also affect the structure of the soil and its ability to drain excess water.

Excess Water

The saying “too much of something can be a bad thing,” is also true with over-watering trees. Many are aware of the effects of not watering their plants enough, but the opposite can have the same harmful effects. When a tree receives an excess of water, this can lead to diminished shoot growth and defoliation, which strip trees of their leaves, causing them to die more quickly.

Other Reasons for A Dying Tree

Trees are susceptible to a number of problems. These include everything from being grown on poor sites, meaning the environment in which they are grown on is not suitable for a specific species of tree. A poor tree site is mainly one that consists of poor soil quality. Another common problem is insects. Insects are harmful to trees because they can spread fungal diseases from tree to tree. There are also several common virulent diseases such as Phytophthora Root, Crown Rot, Oak Wilt or the Chestnut Blight, which can invade through the structure of the tree and cause defoliation. Preventing the death of a tree is desirable, but sometimes it’s inevitable, and we have to let nature take its course.

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