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All The Above Tree Service Helps Prevent Winter Nightmares

Winters in the Northeast can be brutal: snow, freezing rain, ice, wind – the list goes on. And it’s not just shoveling that you need to worry about. Is there a tree on your property that collects snow and ice that has become unstable? Do you lose sleep worrying about that next gust of wind taking down the old tree in your yard and it falling onto your house? Here at All The Above Tree Service, the honest, professional, and affordable tree service company in Bensalem, we offer a variety of services to put you at ease during the long, hard, cold winter.


Did you know property damage from falling trees and branches adds up to approximately 1 billion dollars each year, according to the National Center for Environmental Information? That’s a lot of money better spent if you prepare and care for your trees for winter using the following tips, courtesy of All The Above Tree Service – the leading company providing tree removal service in Yardley and surrounding communities in the Greater Philadelphia area.


  • Trim & Prune: Trimming and pruning trees – removing dead or dying branches – are vital to trees’ overall health, and can help trees thrive during the cold winter months. Improper trimming and pruning can damage trees.
  • Inspect Smartly: You might think it’s smart to shake snow and ice off trees to free weight from their branches, but you should only do so if the snow is fluffy and light. Forcing heavy snow and ice off trees can cause damage and result in broken branches.
  • Mulch: Putting down a thin layer of mulch in the fall and spring protects trees’ soil and roots and promotes overall health. However, too much mulch can suffocate trees and create a favorable environment for rodents.


And for business owners concerned about keeping operations running smoothly throughout the winter season, the trusted team at All The Above Tree Service can deliver commercial snow removal to areas all across Southeastern Pennsylvania. Don’t let a heavy snowfall stand in the way of the workday that, if lost, could set you back an irreparable amount of time and money. Our team of snow removal specialists will clear all driveways, parking lots, and pathways to handle commuting employees and arriving guests or clients so you don’t miss a beat and move forward with a productive day at the office.
For more information about tree removal, snow removal, or other services, visit or contact the company at 215-645-1379.