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Spotted Lanternfly tree treatment being performed in Warrington, PA


Tree Treatment Services in Bucks County, PA

All The Above Tree Service offers honest, affordable tree treatment services in Bucks County, PA, including Yardley, Southampton, and Newtown. There are a variety of reasons a homeowner would want to find a dependable tree treatment service; tree and shrub diseases that threaten or damage their landscape, a fungus that grows around a trunk, dead or broken limbs that pose a safety hazard, or leaves that are changing colors or falling off at odd times of the year. While there are many cases in which to call a tree professional, one of the most common concerns regards insect infestation.

Caterpillars, beetles, and other insect larvae attack various species of trees by consuming their leaves, which can result in defoliation. While there is a vast array of harmful insects for trees, perhaps one of Pennsylvania’s most common — and threatening — invasive tree pests is the spotted lanternfly. Let’s address where this pest came from and discuss the importance of spotted lanternfly treatment.

What Is a Spotted Lanternfly?

The spotted lanternfly is an invasive planthopper indigenous to parts of China, India, Vietnam, and eastern Asia. Since their initial detection in Berks County, PA, in 2014, they have quickly spread to 14 counties that are now quarantined. They lay their eggs in late fall and early winter, which hatch during the spring and become full adults by July. While harmful to elements of your landscape, spotted lanternflies are not known to bite or sting or attack people, pets, or livestock.

What Do They Look Like?

Their forewings are gray with black spots, and the wingtips are reticulated black blocks outlined in gray. Their hind wings have contrasting black and red patches. Adults are 1 inch in width and approximately a half-inch in height and are found throughout Pennsylvania.

Why Should I Be Concerned?

The spotted lanternfly oozes sap, causing wilting, leaf curling, and tree dieback. In addition to damage, these pests excrete a sugary substance called honeydew when they feed. Honeydew promotes the growth of black sooty mold.

Spotted lanternflies will feed on more than 70 plant species, including food and lumber crops like orchard fruits, nut trees, oak, maple, and hops. In addition to the ecological drawbacks, spotted lanternflies also pose a potential economic threat if they become widespread in the U.S. or Canada. The possible damage is estimated to be in the billions of dollars.

What Are the Signs of Infestation?

Your tree trunks may appear wilted or exhibit an oozing or weeping wound. Honeydew can collect around tree bases covered in sooty-like mold. An increased number of bees and wasps around your trees may be a sign of infestation, as they are attracted to the honeydew. Look out for egg masses on trees and nearby surfaces. Residents in or around Abbington, Cheltenham, and Warrington should be vigilant for these signs because the earlier you spot an infestation, the sooner you can make arrangements for spotted lanternfly treatment.

What Should I Do?

If you witness eggs or other signs and require professional spotted lanternfly control, contact All The Above Tree Service today. Whether you are in Churchville, Morrisville, or Washington Crossing, we are equipped with the expertise and technology to properly remove the infestation and keep your trees healthy.

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Our specialists at All The Above Tree Service are experienced in all things tree-related. Whether you require spotted lanternfly control or are having problems with other unwelcome pests that have made a home in your yard, our generational experts carry on a tradition of excellence in providing tree treatment services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.